An Earnest Word

The following text is copied from a gospel tract I was given in the street in Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand on Sat 22 Dec 2007.
I think it is a well written representation of overall Bible counsel for being correctly reconciled to God.

My object is a very definite one; to present Christ to every reader of this booklet.

Death is busy among us, and eternity is near: the consideration of this should make us serious, and in earnest.

God’s love shines with heavenly light on the pathway and the death-bed of the believer, but how poor and brief are the joys of one without Jesus, and what terrible darkness broods over his grave.

Sunrise reflecting off ocean, Manawatu coast, 10 Mar 2010. Photo by WJC from plane flight Palmerston North to Christchurch

I want to speak to you of a glorious MAN-the Lord Jesus Christ.

God says: `I drew them with bands of a MAN, with cords of love;’ Hosea 11: 4.

God’s love is revealed in the fact that He who was God has become MAN.

How can we fathom the love of God? It extends from the full height of heaven’s glory down to the manger and the cross. The love in which God has come near to men can never be fathomed!

The way God uses to win souls is wonderful. He disquiets the heart and conscience; He orders circumstances so that they contribute to that uneasiness. He brings souls under the sound of the gospel, and strives with them by His Spirit. All this comes to a definite point some day. The soul comes to the crossroads-to the decisive moment in its history. That moment may be for you NOW OR NEVER.

God stoops in grace to conquer the pride of your stubborn heart. Does this move you? Does it bring no conviction to your conscience? If such grace as the gospel reveals had been preached in Sodom and Gomorrah, the streets of those wicked cities would have been filled with repenting persons. In the presence of that grace, why continue with a hard and callous heart?

West coast, South Island, New Zealand, 5 Aug 2011. Photo by WJC

What think you of Christ?’ Think of the perfection of His Person! The thief on the cross said of Him: ‘This Man has done nothing amiss’. He never offended in thought, word, or deed. He did no sin. But He-the only righteous One who ever lived on earth-was taken by wicked hands and crucified. Where do you stand as to Him? You cannot do as Pilate did and wash your hands of Him. You must have to do with Christ. You will have to meet Him some day as either Saviour or Judge. ‘Truly this man was Son of God’, said the centurion by the cross. Those who condemned Him owed their very existence to Him. Think of it as you go on your way, and as you go to sleep tonight! Every breath you draw and every beat of your heart you owe to the Son of God! And have you thought little or nothing of Him? You may soon die without Him, and be lost for ever!

Think of the perfection of His work! `This Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God . Hebrews 10: 12. Love met all the claims of righteousness and holiness in accomplishing atonement. Jesus died that God’s house might be thrown open for sinners, and that God’s messengers might say: `Come, for already all things are ready.’ Luke 14: 17.

Think of the perfection of His grace! `This Man receives sinners,’ Luke 15: 2. Yes, though He knows all about you, He waits to receive you in grace. He knows what your nearest friend does not know all the foolish, lustful, ambitious, wicked thoughts of your heart-and yet He will receive you! You need not be afraid of knowing the worst about yourself-Jesus knows it all. He can tell you all things that you ever did, and yet meet you in perfect grace and save you.

Think of the perfection of blessing which is presented in and through Him! ‘Through this Man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: and by Him, all that believe are justified from all things,’ Acts 13: 38

Can you trust Him? All His blessed perfections surely win the confidence of your heart! The cross, the empty grave, the Father’s throne, all proclaim His glory and His worth. May you trust Him? Every believer would answer, Yes. Every page of the Bible answers, Yes. Then receive CHRIST now and the eternal blessing of God!

If you do not know Him as Saviour you will have to know Him as Judge. How will you meet Him whose name and work you have despised, and whose words of love you have disregarded? When that terrible moment comes, how much would you give to have again the golden opportunity of this hour of grace? But it will be too late! Too late for the procrastinators, and the almost persuaded ones, and the unbelievers in that day! Do not throw your soul away in the folly of unbelief. ‘Today, if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts.’ God is speaking to you today that you may be saved. So pay attention, listen and believe.

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